Resources defining domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

1800 Respect Online (Website)
Medibank Health Solutions – This website is the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service, which provides access to counsellors online.
ANROWS – This Database provides access to a collection of resources relevant to reducing the incidence and impact of violence against women and their children. This online catalogue includes references from scholarly and practice-based reports, books, journal articles, conference papers and presentations, book chapters, DVDs and kits.
Legal Information Access Centre – A selection of plain English resources about the law in NSW and domestic violence and covers issues such as leaving violent relationships, going to court, AVOs, domestic violence and renting and much more.
Gary & Bronwyn’s Story – Risk Assessment (DVD/Video)
Avert Family Violence, 2011 – A dramatised scenario with professional commentary about domestic violence and risk assessment for community workers.

 Community Legal Centres NSW, 2012 – A set of factsheets for women experiencing or escaping domestic violence consisting of practical information on leaving violence, bank accounts, Centrelink, fines, debt, divorce, parenting, property, and immigration.
 AVERT Family Violence, 2011 – These testimonials are short interviews with people who have experienced family violence and have had to navigate the family law system and relevant services.
Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)
Women’s Legal Services NSW,2012
Helpful tips for reporting domestic violence to police.

Tweed Shire Women’s Service, 2014

Practical information about DV and relationships including the cycle of violence, effects of violence on children, healthy relationships, relationships warning signs, safety planning, deciding to leave, resisting the urge to return, parenting after domestic violence...

WLSNSW, based on Lenore Walker’s Social Cycle Theory, 2013

This diagram explains the phases in the cycle of violence that many victims of domestic violence experience in their relationship. Please be advised, not all victims of domestic violence will experience the cycle of violence highlighted by this diagram. Domestic violence comes in many shapes and forms and this cycle does not accurately describe all abusive relationships.

Domestic Violence (Various resources)

Legal Information Access Centre

A selection of plain English resources about the law in NSW and domestic violence and covers issues such as leaving violent relationships, going to court, AVOs, domestic violence and renting and much more.

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2014

This factsheet summarises the Ask LOIS webinar on Safe at Work: Recent Changes to the Fair Work Act

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre, Gold Coast

Outlines how pregnancy can be a trigger for domestic violence

Domestic Violence and Your Safety (Factsheet)

Department of Attorney General and Justice

This factsheet outlines the dynamics and impacts of domestic and family violence including types of abuse, the cycle of violence, impacts on children and safety planning.

Domestic Violence Prevention Centre, Gold Coast

Outlines emotional abuse and provides examples of different types of emotional abuse.

Qld Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, 2011

This factsheet explains domestic violence from a woman’s perspective, answering common questions that women who are experiencing abuse ask. Please note the that referrals in this resource are for Queensland services only.

General Intimate Partner Violence Statistics (Factsheet)

Anrows organisation

A factsheet outlining the prevalence of domestic and family violence, including statistics about children affected by intimate partner violence, reporting, help seeking and homicide.

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2014

A resource developed to assist GPs in identifying and responding to women and children who have experienced or are experiencing family violence.

World Health Organisation

A factsheet outlining the health impacts of domestic and family violence on victims. Includes information on physical impacts, mental health impacts, sexual health and pregnancy, and drug and alcohol use. 

Legal Information Access Centre & WLS NSW, 2014

This issue looks at the prevalence of domestic violence and the legal framework that deals with offenders and victims, which includes AVOs, the court process and other legal issues that relate to DV.

Domestic Violence Intervention Project, Deluth Model

Diagram of the power and control used in domestic violence relationships

Women\'s Legal Services NSW, 2014

A practical guide to what is domestic violence and information regarding AVOs taken from our 10th Edition of Women and Family Law.

Ask LOIS webinar, WLS NSW, 2013

This summary factsheet accompanies the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic, available on the Past Webinars page

What is Domestic Violence (Factsheet)

Department of Child Protection, 2010

This plain English factsheet outlines the different types of abuse in domestic violence.

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