General Court resources relating to domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

Dress For Success Sydney (service) (Website)
This free Sydney-based service helps to provide financially disadvantaged women with clothing to prepare them for court appearances. To refer a client, call the Marrickville showroom on 1800 773 456.

Justice Journey – Going to court (DVD/Video)
Victims Services, 2012 – This video has been developed to assist victims of crime to navigate the criminal justice system in NSW.

Witnesses and Evidence (Website)
Lawlink, 2011 – Information on what to expect if you have been called to give evidence in court as a witness.

Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)


Legal Aid NSW, 2015

This brochure explains how Legal Aid NSW can help you if you are experiencing domestic or family violence.

Visit Legal Aid NSW website: Are you experiencing domestic violence?

Our Court, Your Safety (Booklet)

Department of Attorney General and Justice, 2010

A guide to going to court and getting help with domestic violence. Information on domestic and family violence and the legal system, preparing for court, rights for victims of crime, family law, and referrals.

Ask LOIS webinar, WLS NSW, 2012

This factsheet summarises the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic. The webinar can be found in Past Webinars.

Victims Services, 2012
This factsheet provides illustrations of what a courtroom looks like and who is in the court.

Victims Services, 2012

This factsheet provides practical information about going to court. Includes safety at court, courtroom rules, planning your day at court and a checklist.

Women\'s Legal Services ACT, 2011

A tipsheet of information for your client when they need a lawyer including finding a lawyer, choosing a lawyer, costs, preparing for meetings and questions to ask.

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