Resources on employment and domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

Domestic Violence Goes to Work (Factsheet)
Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, 2016. Information on reducing workplace violence risks and best practices for employers

Know Your Value: Online Pay & Contract Checklist (Website)
Economic Security 4 Women, 2019 – The resource links women to existing information in order to facilitate the negotiation of the best employment outcomes, contributing to long-term economic wellbeing.
Taking legal action in the small claims court (Website)
Fairwork Ombudsman, 2019 – Taking legal action is an option when a workplace issue can’t be resolved voluntarily. This website includes a guide to:
  • What is small claims
  • Small claims for employers and employees
  • Access to court forms and resources

Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)


Domestic Violence Workplace rights and entitlement Project, 2012

This factsheet outlines the impacts of domestic and family violence in the workplace and includes information on the prevalence of domestic violence, disclosure and help-seeking and the role of the workplace

Information for Employees (Factsheet)

PSA Women's unit, 2012

This factsheet outlines what rights employees have at work if they are experiencing domestic violence and need support from their employer.


Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012

This factsheet outlines how employers can provide a safe and supportive workplace for their employees who are experiencing domestic violence.

Keeping You and Your Job Safe (Booklet)

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2013

Legal information about employee's options when they are a victim of family violence and this impacts upon their employment situation and conditions

Fair Work Commission, 2013

This benchbook has been developed by the Fair Work Commission to assist unrepresented litigants with unfair dismissal claims

Women's Legal Services NSW, 2014

This factsheet accompanies the Ask LOIS webinar on this topic.

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012

This factsheet outlines how to develop a work safety plan to ensure you are safe at work from domestic violence

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012

This factsheet provides helpful tips to manage abusive calls and emails at work.

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