Resources on family law, divorce, domestic and family violence.

Websites and Videos

Family Law,(Various resources)
Legal Information Access Centre – A selection of plain English resources about the law in NSW and Family Law

Family Law Search Engine (Various resources)
LawAccess NSW – A search engine for legal resources on family law, relationships and children.

Print Resources (Pamphlets, brochures, PDF, Leaflets)

Divorce and Domestic Violence (Factsheet)
Community Legal Centres NSW, 2012

This factsheet has practical information on divorce and domestic violence including the requirements and applying for a divorce, going to court and where to go to for help. Part of the Living Without Violence toolkit.

Ask LOIS webinar, WLS NSW, 2013

This factsheet summarises the Ask LOIS webinar on Divorce and Separation, which can be viewed here.

Women\'s Legal Service NSW, 2014

A helpful toolkit on how to get a divorce, what is required and what is the process, taken from the 10th edition of Women and Family Law.

View online: Chapter 3: Divorce


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