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Ask LOIS is a website providing a free legal online information service (LOIS) for community workers in NSW, who are responding to women with legal needs. Ask LOIS is a project created and run by Women’s Legal Service NSW.

Ask LOIS provides community workers with free online training and advice on legal issues such as domestic violence, AVOs, family law, child protection, victims support and much more.  It also offers monthly webinars, presented by solicitors and experts across the field. These webinars provide an opportunity for participants to listen live and ask questions of our presenters. Topics covered include domestic violence, apprehended violence orders, family law, child protection, victim’s compensation and much more. All past webinars can be downloaded for free at any time along with the summary fact sheets.

Ask LOIS also has a comprehensive resource library, containing a range of carefully selected plain English fact sheets, toolkits, videos and links to useful external websites. We have also developed fictional case studies and diagrams as learning materials to explore the different legal and non-legal issues surrounding domestic violence.

To find services for your client, browse the Domestic Violence Service Directory by region or community group.


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